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Somewhat Gyspsea

Are you after some Licensed Content Creators & Website Designers?
Well, look no further Somewhat Gypsea is here!


Here at Somewhat Gypsea, we truly believe that the reason for our success is that we are not the obvious choice.


Somewhat Gypsea offers something unique & has the ability to connect businesses with potential buyers that are otherwise hard to reach.


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Our services

Content Creation


Do you need licensed professional photographs for marketing purpose ?

We can produce creative professional photography and we can provide digital content licensing options for high-res images (including aerial photography) for use on your website, print publication and/or social media channels.


Do you need high-resolution videos for marketing purposes?


We focus on producing high-quality video content for our clients such as hotels, resorts, tour companies, and brands.


Social Media Collaboration

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Do you want to reach a new audience with a creative & authentic approach through Instagram?

Collaborating via our Instagram is a super powerful marketing strategy. We have built a strong foundation through our online community.

We can use this platform to share stories, swipe-up links, promotional content, and sponsored posts.

*Only open to like-minded brands


Do you want to reach a new audience with a creative & authentic approach through Youtube ?


Collaborating via our Youtube Channel is a super powerful marketing strategy. We have built a strong foundation through our online community. We can use this platform to share stories, swipe-up links, promotional content, and sponsored posts. 


*Only open to like minded brands


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Tourism & Editorial

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Destination Promotion & Hosted Trip

Do you want to draw attention to a Touristic Destination or service through the newest word of mouth?


Explore both new and familiar destinations and share these experiences with our audience. This can include content creation including photography, aerial photography, short-form video content (such as Instagram reels), social media posts, and blog travel guides.


Guest Blog & Review

Do you have a product, service, or property you would like us to review and promote?

We can supply a detailed review on our blog, Trip Advisor or your choice of social media accounts,

This can include some photography or videography work as well.

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Freelance services

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Web Designing Services

Do you need to bring in some experts in Web Designing to help you with your website and SEO ranking?


We can help you design an aesthetically pleasing website as well as optimize your SEO ranking which will lead to more traffic, a higher conversion rate and so generate a higher income.



Would you like help with social media management or admin work for your business?


We can look after your social media accounts or manage your website updates so you don’t need to worry + we can also undertake any admin roles you see fit.

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Why Choose Somewhat Gypsea ?


Content captured on our Sony A7RIV, DJI Osmo Pocket 2 for stabilized action shoots & Professional DJI Drone for aerial content. 

All necessary licenses are included in our content creation.



We have been working on building our portfolio of lifestyle & travel photography since 2020. Over the years we have worked with an expensive amount of clients in many different geographic locations &  from many different industries.



The two of us love to connect with our audience through our social media platforms, 

who often reach out for opinions or questions on a particular destination or product.



Somewhat Gypsea, undertake a full performance review for each

& every job (Content creation & Web Designing).



We fully understand that every business is different and has different needs and means. Consequently, we are more than happy to cater packages specific to your own needs & budget. In fact, we pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with our clients as we go above and beyond our client’s expectations with all our services.



We enjoy learning about a brand’s mission and working together to create exciting content for marketing purposes. Additionally, we also pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure the delivery of high-quality creative content.



“We have been working with Daniel & Julie from Somewhat Gypsea for our latest marketing campaign and we were absolutely pleased with the way Daniel & Julie managed their content creation, they went above and beyond our expectations.


We were not only pleased with the highly creative content they produced but also with their communication skills and professionalism!”



Hana Kim

Amebae Digital Channel Director

instagram collaboration, somewhat gypsea

“Ecofit Sports began working with Julie, Daniel and Nala from Somewhat Gypsea in May 2021. We were initially drawn to them based on their story, their love of animals, nature and their adventurous spirit.

We have been so impressed with their professionalism, their attitude and their incredibly creative content.

Julie has been so great to work with and she keeps on surprising us with incredible content that our followers absolutely love.

It has been a pleasure to work with the team behind Somewhat Gypsea and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with them in the future.

We highly recommend them for collaborations or any other projects you have in mind.



Blair Rohan

Director Ecofit Sport 

” Julie & Daniel have been so much fun to work with! 

They really understood our products from the get-go and delivered creative videos and photos that aligned with our values. They are a ‘real’ and I must say.. attractive couple! Our products suited them perfectly and our social media audience has really enjoyed watching their content. 

We are looking forward to growing our business further through their creative work. 

Thanks! (insert one thousand stars!) “


Rhiannon & Michael

Archer Eyewear 


” We worked with Julie & Dan from Somewhat Gypsea for a full website renovation for our holiday home business.

They took our obsolete, ugly, under-performing website and made it user-friendly, efficient, high ranking & soooo pretty. 

Our conversion rate has increased exponentially since Dan & Julie worked on our website & so did our occupation rate.

We couldn’t be pleased with the results anymore! I guess all their experience managing stared restaurants & hotel also helped them tremendously or at least helped us feel like we were in the correct hands from the get-go” 


Dominique Duprat 

Co-owner of La Grande Bastide


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Previous Clients

Work with Somewhat Gypsea

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