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Van Life with a Cat

Are you wondering how you can do Van Life with a Cat ? 

Well, have you heard of Cat-Exploring, Adventure Cat, Van Life with a Cat , Harness Training ?

Do you wonder ” How to harness train a cat ?” or ” How to harness train an older kitty ? ” 

Prehaps, you are even wondering if it is safe to harness train a cat ?

Are you starting to questions wether or not your are mad to even consider Vanlife with a cat ? 

Could your cat even become an Adventure Cat !

Well, we asked ourselves the exact same questions before jumping into Van life with a Cat (in 2020) , but we decided to do it anyways !

Let me tell you, Van life with a pet has been the best thing we ever did ! 

Over the years, we have learned some extremely valuable lessons about harness training a cat & vanlife with a cat.

So, we decided to help our fellow kitty lover & adventure cat community by creating some FREE Adventure Cat Ressources !

After all, they helped us when we first started, so it is only fair to give back !


We hope these 10 FREE Cat Training GUIDES will help you prepare for this amazing adventure you are about to embark on ! 

Let’s embrace the Vanlife & Vancat Movement !


Additionally, if you are also seeking a bit of inspiration & wanna see first hand what it is like to travel with a cat Full-Time.

Then, why not check us out on Instagram & Youtube 

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