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How to train a Cat to like Water ?

“Cats don’t like water ” is something we have all been told our whole life’s, right? Well not all cats are the same & you might very well have a water enthusiats kitty at home & not even know it. So, how to train a cat to like water ? Here are our most valuable tips on how to train a cat to like water, wich we have used ourselves to get our cat (Nala) comfortable spending time at the beach. Please remember that it did not happen overnight, so be patient.

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🔹 Don’t be afraid to observe from afar at first

🔹 Choose a secluded beach away from people

🔹 Choose a beach with lots of natural shade

🔹 Avoid windy days
(We notice Nala is not a fan of the wind in general and that’s especially right at the beach. After all, she is so low she must get whipped by the sand)

🔹 Try going at low tides first so that the noise of the waves is not so intense and scary.
(This really did help Nala get used to all the other elements of the beach)

🔹 Try going to the beach at the time your Cat likes to explore
(For us, it’s sunset time, which works great as it’s not too hot)

🔹 Bring your kitty’s backpack
(We don’t do it anymore since Nala is now so confident, and the bus is never too far, but we used to at first)

🔹 Avoid the hottest time of the day (Obviously)

🔹 If you have the opportunity to stay overnight on the beachfront, that should work wonder for your Cat’s confidence, as you would then be able to have short but yet frequent visits to the beach
(We believe this was key for Nala to become so confident at the beach & near water)

  • All be prepared & carry water, food, poo bag, pet sunscreen or shade etc.…
  • Never force your Cat to stay or do anything your cat doesn’t want to do

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