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DIY Camper Van Conversion

On this page you will be able to find multiple DIY Camper Van Conversion ressources, such as numerous Van Build Youtube Videos.

What’s more, we have plenty of Camper Van Build & Van Life articles on our Blog and Instagram

Of course, we’ll talk about all the basic van building topic such as: 


What should you first do to prep your camper for its glow up

How to cut & install windows

How to replace leaking windows

What are your best Eco-Friendly Insulation options

How to build a truly self sufficient camper van 

What to consider while choosing your electrical equipment

How to build your electrical system 

Plumbing & Heater / Boiler Installation 

How to build a shower from scratch

What to consider while choosing building materials to end up with a safe camper van 

How to build furnitures & special features

What to consider to optimise space use

How to make your Van Eco-friendly

What are the most commun Van building mistakes 

And More 

 No subject is taboo here.

In fact, we review compost toilet options for Van Life, discuss the best camper van bathroom set up, give you step by step guides with dimensions to reproduce some of our own van features. We will even talk bugeting and cost. Plus, we’ll answer any question you ask ( so don’t be shy) ! 

We hope that following us while we convert a van into a camper, will entertain you & inspire you to start your very own VanLife Project.

We also hope that it will help you avoid making some of the mistakes we made ourselves.

And hopefully achieve a build you are proud of and can’t wait to take on the roads ! 

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