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Is a Composting Toilet with Urine Separator Best for Vanlife?

In the past few years, dry compost toilets have gained popularity due to their multiple benefits. These compost toilets are a great option for those who want to minimize their environmental footprint while still enjoying comfort and convenience, making them an excelent option for vanlifers. Personally, we can not stop raving about our composting toilet with urine separator (Cuddy by Compo Closet). So, In this article I’ll tell you exactly why you should consider a dry compost toilet for vanlife.

First, let’s state the obvious: composting toilets with urine diverter simply separate liquid (pee) and solid waste (poo), keeping your compost dry.

It does so by diverting pee into one container located at the front of the toilet (so everybody must sit to do the deed).

The urine can be diluted with water and used as a fertilizer. Alternatively, you can also simply pour it down a drain. As for the the poo, it falls directly into a solid waste bin, where it mixes with sawdust (or other organic stuff) to start the composting process. Eventually, the solid waste turns into fertilizer. It is as simple as that!

  • Waterless
  • Chemical Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy Disposal
  • Fast Composting Process
  • Hygenic
  • Odorless
  • Extremely low on-going costs
  • Vanlife Friendly

Did you know that solid waste (poo) must be dried-out first to be used as a fertilizer safely?

Consequently, composting toilets with urine diverter simply speed up the composting process, making the whole process more efficient from the get-go.

So, the added benefit is that the faster the composting process is, the less unpleasant smells there are!

Hallelujah for dry compost toilets !

Did you know that mixing pee and poop together is what creates a stinky sewer smell?

So, not only does a composting toilet with urine separator make composting way more efficient, but it also cuts down on yucky bacteria & consequently reduces unpleasant odors. Isn’t that fantastic news for a Vanlife addict?

The best aspect of composting toilets with urine separator is that it makes maintenance & disposal even more manageable.

Composting toilets with urine diverter allow you to simply dispose of your liquid waste down a drain. It also makes disposing of your solid bin a lot more hygienic than if both liquid & solid wastes were mixed. This saves time and makes the overall process more hygienic and “pleasant.”

Plus, composting toilets with urine separator are incredibly convenient. When you’re living in a van, you’re constantly on the move, and finding a dump point can be a challenge. With a dry compost toilet, you won’t have to dispose of your waste as often, giving you more freedom on your vanlife journey!

Of course, there are many different brands & products out there offering urine diverting composting toilet. That many options means prices vary greatly depending on products’ ingenuity & added benefits. However, it also means that you will definitely be able to find a urine diverting composting toilet that will be adequate for your budget !!

Whether you are going for a rustic option or the Rolls Royce of compost toilet for vanlife, it is worth noting that composting toilets with urine separator are even more cost-effective than traditional composting toilets. Separating urine from solid waste reduces the amount of compost material needed. This means you can go longer between emptying the compost bin, saving time and money on disposal costs.

In summary, composting toilets with urine separator offer several added benefits compared to a traditional composting toilets.

One major benefit is the ability to separate urine from solid waste, which improve the composting process and reduce unpleasant odors. Additionally, composting toilets with urine separator often require less maintenance and emptying, meaning it will save you some money on the long run. Plus, the urine can either be diliated with water to be used as a fertilizer, or you can also simply pour it down a drain. As for the poo it can also be used as a fertiliser once composted. In my opinion, no matter your budget, the brand or model you end up with, your best toilet option is a composting toilet with urine separator.

So, if you’re considering a compost toilet for vanlife, I highly recommend opting for a urine diverting composting toilet; ( Like the Cuddy by Compo Closet ) as they are an excellent addition to your next van build and are bound to make your Vanlife journey a lot more enjoyable.

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