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Adventure Cat: Best & Essential Gear 2024

If you are considering making your kitty an Adventure Cat, you are probably wondering how to keep your kitty safe on adventures. So, we thought we would share what gear we consider essential to join the Adventure Cat Movement as well as our favorite products such as : cat harness, cat leash, breakaway collar, ID tag, cat backpack, GPS tracker/Airtag holder, water bottle, treats, poo bags, first aid kit etc …

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1# Adventure Cat Harness

If you do decide to walk your kitty on a leash, it is crucial that you attach the leash to a harness and not to the collar, as a collar should never be used as an anchoring point for a leash for safety reasons.

So, the first thing to do before going on adventures with your kitty is to find a cat harness wich suits you & your cat, and there are many things to consider. You want to find one that fits your cat’s body perfectly and keeps your kitty as safe as possible from escaping but without restricting your cat (as a general rule, you should be able to fit a finger or two -but not more than that – under the harness).

Cat harnesses manufacturers go different ways in perfecting precisely that. Hence, why there are so many kinds out there, from the full-on jacket style, the “H” type or clip over the shoulder blades & many more options.

You may also be an Eco-Warrior & want to consider Eco-Friendly options, such as cat harnesses made of cork. Or perhaps you like to explore at dawn or dusk and so wish to find reflective gears to add an extra layer of security to your adventures. Or, perhaps, you & your kitty are water enthusiasts & are looking for a water-friendly harness (cork is an excellent water-friendly option, by the way). 

There is no right or wrong; you just need to find the cat harness that fits your cat’s personality best & keeps you reassure.

However, before heading outside, make sure you are all familiarised and comfortable with the cat harness around the house. 

👉🏼 Our cat harness is made from Supakit Cork Range, which is eco-friendly, waterproof, safe & yet stylish.

2# Cat Leash

Of course, once you have found your cat harness, you are going to need a cat leash !

Once again, here you will be faced with many different options.

Personally, we prefer a retractable leash for dry land activities, but we like to use a lightweight rope-style cat leash when around water in case Nala decides to go for a swim.

We like to keep our cat leash to a moderate length & we believe that a 5-meters cat leash is the perfect balance between freedom & safety. 

When Nala first became an adventure cat, we probably did like 99% of the people & got ourselves a dog leash. However, since then, we’ve realized that there is such thing as a cat leash ! That’s right some leash are specially made for cats! Meaning these little fur balls don’t have to pull as hard on the leash! 

We believe cat leashes over 5 meters are not the safest. Instead, we prefer a cat leash between 3 to 5 meters. In fact, we believe a 5 meters cat leash is the perfect compromise between safety & freedom!

👉🏼 Our favorite cat leash is from Supakit

3# Breakaway Collar

We recommend having your adventure cat wear a breakaway collar (sometimes called quick-release collars). They are designed to snap open when tugged with sufficient force. Breakaway collars help to ensure the pet is released from the collar should it snag on something like a tree branch or a hook. Yet, you can still add an ID Tag to your cat’s breakaway collar for identification purposes should your kitty escape or get lost. Plus, if you want to discourage your kitty from hunting since the ring will warn its prey you can even add a bell to the breakaway collar.

👉🏼 We currently use a breakaway collar from Supakit

4# ID Tag

No one likes to think about losing their pets, yet it is important to prepare for it to make the potential rescue mission as easy as possible! This is why we recommend having your adventure cat wearing an ID tag.

Remember to keep up-to-date contact details on your Cat’s ID tag. 

It is also not a bad idea to keep a spare one in case you lose one, so you won’t have to push back your adventures. 

5# GPS Trackers for Adventure Cats

Alright, this one is a can of worms! 

There are many different options out there & to be honest we haven’t found one that ticks all our boxes, so chances are you will have to compromise. 

However, in order to find the best tracker for your needs, you will need to consider whether or not you need satellite tracking (which will depend on the kind of exploring you do), do you need a water-resistant one, or if you want one that will also help keep track of your cat’s health. Another thing to consider will be the price as these things can be very pricey. Also, be aware that some of them will require monthly or annual subscription fees. 

Personally, we did have a GPS tracker at first & we were delighted with the way it worked, but it still was too cumbersome for our liking on Nala’s body. So even though it was very reassuring to first start Cat-Exploring with a tracker, we then decided to replace it with a simple AirTag. However, this only works for us now because we are in the European Urban Jungle & not in the Australian bush anymore. 

👉🏼 We have a matching set ( cat harness, breakaway collar & Airtag holder) from Supakit

6# Adventure Cat Backpack

From time to time you might be forced to carry or provide shelter for your adventure cat & an adventure cat backpack might not be a silly option.

However, depending on the type of adventures you will be doing you might prefer a stroller or a carrier, to each their style.

Whichever options you pick, it will provide a safe place for your kitty, a place to rest up, provide shade & keep your cat’s paw off the hot or cold ground.

We did a lot of research before buying an adventure cat backpack & finally settled for a Petami. We absolutely love it!

It was essential for us to have a cat backpack that could be packed down completely flat, so we could store it in the van more easily. It was also crucial to us back then that the backpack offered multiple ventilations & was very breathable to be able to explore despite the Australian weather. And, of course, being an adventure cat backpack it needed to be as safe as possible. So we opted for a cat backpack with reflective stripe for early morning adventures, secured zipped all around & an internal leash for when the backpack is left open while carrying Nala on adventures.

7# Water Bottle to keep hydration up while Cat-Exploring

A pet-friendly water bottle with a drinking bowl is crucial to keep hydration up & there are many different options on the market.

8# Treats to fuel your Adventure Cat

Creamy treats work wonders to keep up hydration when the weather is hot.

To better regulate our cat’s temperature, we even keep them in the fridge as long as possible. And to help with Nala’s hydration while adventuring we add a little bit of water to her wet food.

9# Bio-degradable Poo Bags

Now, even if cats cover up their poo, we believe collecting and disposing of them appropriately is the right thing to do. Especially since nowadays, they are so many biodegradable poo bag options on the market. 

10# Pet First Aid Kit

We never know what can happen on an adventure, especially with a cat. And personally, we prefer to be safe rather than sorry.

So, we carry an emergency bag for Nala in case of injury, bite, or anything happening mid-walk.

If you are not sure what to put in cat first aid kit, talk to your Vet, as it will highly depend on where in the world you go on adventures & your local fauna & flora.

👉🏼 Check Travfurler or with your Vet

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