Somewhat Gypsea

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Somewhat Gypsea

We are Julz (French Gal), Dan (Kiwi Lad) & Nala and together we are Somewhat Gypsea!


We are two idiots who had the great idea to sell everything we owned back in 2020, 

move into a Vintage School Bus (Pumbaa) & do a Lap of Australia with our Cat


So many memories were made on the Australian Roads, that it was impossible to go back to the rat race.



So, we decided to fly the whole family to France (yes, that does include Nala) to do it all over again!

Follow our journey through our DIY Camper Van Conversion & learn from our mistakes  so you don’t have to learn the hard way !


somewhat gypsea, adventure, cat, traveling with a cat, van conversion

Van Conversion Tools

Over here you will be able to find multiple DIY Camper Van Conversion ressources, such as numerous Van Building Youtube videos, Blog articles & Instagram inspiration

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Adventure Cat

Overe here, you’ll find many Adventure Cat Articles where we’ll discuss our first hand experience in traveling with a cat. What’s more you’ll find 10 Free Cat Training Guides to help you and your cat become an Adventure Cat & embark onto Van Life with a Cat. 

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travel blog, travel guide, australia, western australia

Somewhat Gypsea

Of course, we have also created a Travel Blog to inspire you to go on a road trip, or two! Here, you’ll find many travel guides & must-visit destinations of the beaten track in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia & many more.

So wheter you need some travel inspiration or travel tips, this travel blog is the perfect travel planning tool. 

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